Greenyarn's Eco-fabric compression socks are designed with the help of podiatrists. Featuring what the doctors ordered; little or no cuff, cushioned sole, smooth and flat toes seams, non-constricting tapering compression zones. These 200-needle count compression socks contain Eco-fabric, Lycra and acrylic, making them very soft and comfortable. They wick moisture and offer utmost support and cushioning. Eco-fabric allows the socks to be antibacterial, deodorizing and emit far infrared energy - promoting blood circulation. The tapered design of the socks does not constrict blood flow, and the densely knitted cushioning base prevents blisters and foot ulcers.

These socks are great for flights, long distance travel and people who have poor blood circulation in their feet, such as diabetic patients. People who have swollen feet or ankles can also enjoy the compression and comfort of these socks.

The socks also have other features:

  • Fights odors and kills bacteria
  • Absorbs and emits far-infrared energy
  • Permeable, fast drying and wicks moisture quick
  • Provides utmost cushion and reduces blister
  • Very low profile toe seam
  • Mild compression of 8-15mm Hg, gradually tapering towards the top

Compression Socks

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